DCC Response to Covid

Welcoming people back and assuring them that every facility and staff member will be following STRICT Covid 19 policies to keep our staff safe and productions safe when they interact with Dangling Carrot. This will include Drivers Following all the guidelines when delivering your products as well as safe protocols when will call orders are picked up at our facilities.

  • Every Employee’s temperature will be taken upon arriving and leaving work.
  • Employees will be practicing proper social distancing practices in the workplace as well as other safety protocols including masks.
  • The workplace will be sanitized on a daily basis, including all equipment, computers, keyboards etc.
  • All packaged products will be sanitized before leaving our facility including all packaging of the products.
  • There will be one pick up point at each facility and at our Will Call Station, all clients are asked to read the signage and follow the proper steps to keep themselves safe as well as our staff.
  • We will be testing Drivers to ensure your safety on a regular basis for your deliveries.