Welcome to Gigastock! We provide quality, extremely high resolution images from around the world for entertainment industry backdrops, advertising, and more in a convenient, searchable website, allowing for immediate downloading. Our images are large enough — many larger than a gigapixel — that they can be cropped to your specifications and remain perfectly sharp. Zoom in to any of our photos to see mindblowing detail. Happy browsing!

Gigastock is the first and only company to provide the entertainment industry with extremely high resolution backdrop-ready photography sourced from around the world, available for immediate download.

Our vast, ever-growing collection of specialized images, including day/night pairs with instant delivery, expands creative possibilities. If needed, our experienced team can quickly create seamless artificial nights from any of our daytime shots (as well as custom shoots).

By focusing on providing the best backdrop photo library available and leaving the printing to our partners, we are thrilled to play a key role in innovative changes happening in the industry, by doing what we do best — providing great quality, highest resolution photography, specifically shot with backings usage in mind.