I met Scott and Matt over ten years ago. They seemed like two eager teenagers who were showing and pitching their wares. Proud of the fact that they could print on any material they were ready to conquer the signage and print world. And conquer the world they did. Dangling Carrot has proven to be one of top signage and print vendors for the entertainment business. I have asked them to do complicated, intricate and last minute projects and they have come through every time. Often I have called late in the day or at night asking for projects to be delivered the next day on the “5am Truck”. even with the quickest of turnarounds, they consistently execute the toughest, most intricate projects. Currently, they are helping me create space ships in the 25th century by using backlit consoles and futuristic materials. Dangling Carrot are my “A” guys. !

Robert Strohmaier – Art Director / The Orville!


Dangling Carrot is the primary company I choose to deal with for film / television print jobs and routing and laser cutting. They understand the time frame that we are working with and their turn around is unbelievably up to par with where we require it to be. I have never been let down by the quality of work. DC’s staff is courteous and knowledgable while also being willing to discuss any projects over the telephone personally, no matter how large or small the scope. I appreciate that level of customer interaction to insure the job is done appropriately the first time.

Shawn D. Bronson – Film / Television Art Director


I started using Dangling Carrot in 2008 while working as the graphic designer on the feature film Gangster Squad, and have used them ever since on projects like X-Men First Class, Mob City, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Downsizing, and most recently, Legion. They are unparalleled when it comes to sign fabrication, routed sign letters and gratings, printed floors and wallpapers, and anything else that requires special attention and creative thinking. Marcus, Karissa and the other staff have been a pleasure to work with, and always find a way to make the craziest last-minute rush jobs happen. For Legion, we asked Dangling Carrot to print literally hundreds of sheets of MDF and Plexiglas for use as flooring and walls, and their early morning deliveries to our construction mill made the show’s many ambitious sets possible. Well done, Dangling Carrot!

Geoffrey Mandel / Graphic Designer


Dangling Carrot is my first choice for producing my set graphics! Their design team is quick to respond to inquiries and orders and their turnaround time is unmatchable. I know that I can rely on final products to match samples and can trust DCC to advise me wisely in the material selection process.

Blair Strong


“I love dangling carrot! They are always there in a pinch and deliver quality prints speedily to whichever studio i want. Top notch customer service! Thanks Dangling Carrot”

Adee Serrao


I have been working with the team at Dangling Carrot for over 10 years. They have always completed our projects quickly and have lend a helping hand in the printing process. The ink build up printer is a must try and has become one of the favorite processes with every show I’m on.

Alyssa Hill


Working in the film industry in Georgia and Dangling Carrot is the go-to vendor we use to print our graphics. Out of all the vendors we have worked with, Dangling Carrot tops them all. They go above and beyond and always pay attention to detail.

Liz Buckler / Graphic Designer


The crew at Dangling Carrot are incredible to work with, and they offer production techniques that enhance the look of every project. The range of different materials available makes them the go-to for creative solutions. Their team understands film & television production deadlines, and always ensures that a quality job is delivered on time.

Jason Perrine


I absolutely love Dangling Carrot!!! The customer service beats every sign shop I’ve been too. Marcus and Matt are very friendly and helpful. I work in television and film which is very fast paced but Dangling Carrot always steps up to the plate to complete rush jobs. The results are always on point and on time. They offer an impressive amount of options from your standard gator board/foam core printing to stained glass and even custom flooring. I’ve always been impressed with what DC can do and am excited to continue working with them on shows.



I have worked in film and television for fifteen years in Los Angeles as a coordinator and graphic designer in several art departments.  I have worked with many of the creative production houses in LA.  I assure you, no other company competes with DCC when it comes to quality and customer service and satisfaction.  DCC understands the tight deadlines demanded in this industry and always deliver on time. They are always willing to help come up with graphics solutions for filming projects.  And they kick out price estimates quickly.  Their staff is friendly, fast and they deliver!
I have come to depend on DCC for many of my graphic output needs .

Carolyn Baumert / Graphic Designer


The DCC team are all around excellent and always a joy to work with. Whether it’s immediate quotes, non-existent lead times or talking through a particularly frustrating layout, the people at Dangling Carrot have consistently come through for me /the productions I work on.

Michelle Peters / Graphic Designer


DCC East have been my go-to team for getting graphics fabricated quickly and accurately. They have helped me countless times with last-minute requests, problem-solving difficult fabrications, and general awesomeness. I couldn’t preform as effectively in my craft without them.”

Stephanie Little / Graphic Designer


Dangling Carrot is Atlanta’s Art Department life line. Without DC I would not have been able to meet 99.9% of my production’s deadlines. They are able to turn out Quality products with Flash-like speeds. I’m not sure how I could do this job without them!

Kody Wynne


I’m an ADG 800 graphic designer who works in film and television in both Los Angeles and Atlanta. For years, I’ve been able to rely on the crew of both Dangling Carrot Creative locations to GET. IT. DONE. I’ve worked on some large-scale and crazy productions, and Dangling has been able to keep up with our insane demands to make sure we have fully dressed sets to shoot every time we needed them. I’ve had complicated jobs that required coordination and shipping between both coasts, and the whole team at DCC works together to make sure we get what we want. On top of that level of service, DCC just seems to be able to do a wide variety of jobs, and is always adding new technology to expand my options. You won’t be disappointed with your signage. I completely recommend Dangling Carrot Creative.

Christopher Isenegger / Graphics


Time and time again… not only did “The Carrot” do everything we asked for and on budget…. on more than a few times, they worked with us to find different materials and processes! I can’t recommend them highly enough!

Alan Kobayashi – Graphic Designer


Dangling Carrot Creative is a true gem. They are able to turn work around so quickly, that there is often time to print samples, which is a huge luxury in our industry. They are always willing and eager to experiment with new materials to create scenic elements that would not have been possible 5 years ago. I often find myself on the phone with Scott before the set is designed, discussing an idea with him, brainstorming. I think that this level of customer service sets them apart from other graphics houses. I have come to rely on DCC, and can’t say enough good things about the company.

Harry Matheu – Production Designer


Dangling Carrot Rocks! I have used their services on my last 3 projects & from mosaic tile floor & stained glass windows, to die- cut bronze plaques their work is superb in quality and unparalleled in cost and delivery.

Meghan Rogers – Art Director


So refreshing to know that someone actually cares about your vision and attention to detail. Dangling Carrot has past the test. Always willing to take on a new challenges in both a refreshing and creative way. Scott & Matt and the entire team continue to produce quality work and always attentive to our budget and time constraints…. I’ve found finally found the A-list sign shop in our industry.

Greg Grande – Production Designer


Dangling Carrot is the most innovative Graphics company I’ve ever worked with. They turn my projects around overnight and even deliver to my door. The different types of materials they can print on is absolutely amazing and the finished product is always perfect. On my fast paced show, I would be totally lost without Scott Niner and his incredible crew of magicians.

Lynn Wolverton-Parker – Set Decorator / Designer

Dangling Carrot offers extreme attention to detail and the best customer service of any shop I’ve worked with in the biz. They offer state of the art applications and out of the box thinking that both stretches what I can do and compliments the type of design work I create on a daily basis. I can’t recommend them highly enough. A great team of professionals who care about my designs as much as I do.

Jamie Neese – Graphic Designer


Scott and Matt are a great team- positive & unflappable. Their work is top-notch, the turn- around is amazingly quick, and they always offer great technical solutions. They always deliver!  –

Victoria Paul – Production Designer


I have nothing but positive things to say about this company.  They seem to be ahead of the curve with their digital imaging capability as I have been able to get great oversized outputs from them (9′ – 12′ wide) that have been color perfect, as well as magically up-rezd from small to large. Technology aside, their turn-around and “can-do” philosophy will make them the company to beat in a very short time. Look out for these guys – best of all – they are IATSE certified!!

Richard Berg – Production Designer


Scott and the rest of the gang at Dangling Carrot are amazing. They can print anything ON anything (pretty much) and always get it to you when you need it, regardless of the turnaround!

Lisa Vasconcellos – Art Director


I heard about Dangling Carrot before I ever used them on a production.  They were introduced to me by a friend in the business when she brought back a gorgeous print on a pane of glass from their Santa Clarita location.  Right away I thought they were something special.  Since using them on a show I can now say without a doubt they are something special.  Their quality of work and amazing staff combined with their endless print capabilities make them a standout in the field.  When everyone else says a job can’t be done – Dangling does it.  When the impossible is asked of you – Dangling Carrot is there to save the day.

Gina Hermosilla


“Dangling Carrot provided our show with exemplary work on a large “stained glass” window.  They delivered our pieces on time and within budget.  I was very pleased with the quality of their work and look forward to working with them again.  —

Richard Ramirez – Art Director


Dangling Carrot Creative is one of those companies that you can rely on no matter what. From their easy to use ftp sit to their friendly staff. Every job completed is above my expectations. Even the last minute ones, which are frequent on our show, are precise and in time. I have complete faith in any job we throw at them.

Jamie Walker – Graphic Designer


I can honestly say I could not get everything done without Dangling Carrot.  The fact that they go through my entire order to make sure it will be exactly what my designer wants, checking the colors and sizing, is priceless.  And the speed at which they are able to crank everything out is unmatched.  Matt and Scott are able to do everything I have ever asked and most of the time, even suggest something better.  Their positivity, talent and willingness is a true gift in an industry that works at an impossible speed.  I only wish I had some better ideas to give them more of a challenge!”

Alexa Roman