Dangling Carrot's Grisly Garden

October 16th-October 31st 4:00pm-12:00am
2023/10/16 16:00:00

Dangling Carrot Creative’s Grisly Garden opens this October and is produced and built by Film Industry experts. This haunted event is to help out-of-work Film Industry Tradespeople with their daily bills ect. Some of our team members have been without steady work for as many as 6 months or more. There may be an upside to the slowdown though, this is probably the ONLY time that all of us can come together for your benefit to write, build, produce and hold a state-of-the-art, cutting edge scare show like no others can!

Come enjoy a night and immerse yourself in a story where everything went wrong. Walk through an incredible tale of twists and turns and  the creepy tales of a Gardener and his Daughter caught up in a scary world of fright, mystery, confusion and gore!

All areas of the film industry are taking part in GRISLY GARDEN from makeup artists, SPFX, art directors, construction trades, special effects, lighting, sound, costumers, writers and actors as well as others. All of whom could use your support during this incredibly challenging time for all those suffering in the Film Industry.

Come immerse yourself in a world of Fright, Horror, Wonder and a bit of Weirdness …

Buy Tickets or Simply Help the industry experts that are involved with their day to day lives that have been so dramatically affected by the lack of income and also come enjoy an incredible event.

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